Tronstad Ranch is family owned and operated in Laramie 

About Us

Our family raises Border Leicester and Teeswater sheep ands sells Wyoming wool products. Our lambs graze Wyoming pastures in Albany County.  Lusha handspins yarn from our sheep and handpaints the wool in vivid colors.  Our wool (fleeces, roving, rolags and yarn) is available directly from us (see below) and at Cowgirl Yarn in downtown Laramie (


Wyoming Wool Products: fleeces, roving, rolags, handspun yarn, milled yarn and pelt

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Wool from our sheep

Fiber at Tronstad Ranch is hand-selected.  Our family takes care of all aspects of our flock, including shearing, picking, and carding, to give you the highest quality wool.  We hand-process about half our wool right at the ranch and the other half is processed at Mountain Meadows Wool Mill in Buffalo, Wyoming.  Lusha handspins the yarn and hand paints both fiber and yarn.  Please contact us with any questions or requests for wool raised and processed in Wyoming.

Our wool products 

We sell washed fleeces, picked wool, wool roving, wool rolags, handspun yarn, milled yarn and pelts from our sheep

We sell naturally colored fleeces (white, silver, brown and black) and hand painted fiber 

Our wool is super clean because our sheep wear coats and we carefully sort the wool!

Our flock consists of Border Leicester Sheep (white, grey, silver, and black), Teeswater Sheep (white), and crosses between the breeds.

Please contact Cowgirl Yarn if you are interested in a Tronstad Ranch Blanket kit as published in Handwoven magazine winter 2020.

Please contact us about availability, quantities, colors, shipping estimates, etc.